Foster Farms Chicken Tests Positive for Arsenic


A recent study conducted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy revealed that Foster Farms chicken products contain arsenic, an agent known to cause cancer. Across the United States, 70 percent of chickens are fed arsenic to promote rapid, unnatural growth and to combat the unsanitary living conditions of birds raised for meat. Learn more about the presence of arsenic in Foster Farms chicken meat and other poultry products:


Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic in Your Meat


Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Arsenic Report Summary


KTVU-2 News Report On Study Revealing Trace Levels Of Arsenic In Chicken


Chicken With Arsenic? Is That O.K.?


Estimated Exposures for Consumers of Chicken


Study Has Many Clucking about Elevated Levels of Arsenic Found in Chicken


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